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March 2020 – Healthy feeding Healthy People, Peaceful Communities.

Present Day: March 10, 2020 6:30PM
I am at the balcony of my house with Karen (my 2 year old daughter – she is adorable). I am a “family guy now”, I have a wife, 2 year old beautiful daughter and my follower sister Joan. The apartment is on the country side – from my balcony is a clear view of Lake Victoria. The sunset looks beautiful. The reflection of the sun on the water. 🙂 God I love nature. Reminds me how important it is to preserve this beauty for the future generations.
“Javie, Karen, dinner is serving now” my sister is calling out – dinner time.
Karen and I rush to our little dinning room.
Its a beautiful evening and we all are in dinner mood. What more can one demand?

We have: Irish potatoes, matooke (green bananas cooked and mingled), noodles (my friend sent me by post from the US), beans, beef, with a little bit of french beans and salad.
My wife and sister are doing a good job to prepare healthy meals for our family. Food is becoming more and more expensive in Uganda. The population is growing every other day. The competition for food in the growing cities and town has attracted market for food there making food prices go high everywhere in the country.

The meal is very tasty and we grow most of the food in our home garden except for the NOODLES.

With brilliant ideas/ researches like:

Now urban families can produce their own food improvising the limited space. At least each family has a sack where they grow vegetables to supplement on the food. At my home I have a big garden with lettuce, carrots, french beans, matooke (bananas), beans and fruit trees. We have shared skills and people now know that what food security means.

Thank God for EVOKE – in 2010 myself together with several other agents we wrote a big proposal to improve on food access for both the rural and urban poor in developing countries. We have worked so hard year in year out to make this happen. I must say, these have not been the easiest years of our lives but most definitely the most successful.

Last week EVOKE marked her 10th Anniversary – All the Agents together with Heads of States and representatives from all around the world gathered in Mogadishu. Over the years the war in Somalia has made Food security in the area impossible. Now that the war has ended, EVOKE has done a great job in rebuilding the country through inventing food security, water security, access to education, health care and also participated in the peace building process. On March 3, 2020 we not only celebrate EVOKE, we celebrated so much more – SUCCESS beyond boarders. A lot of the worlds success today is a tribute to EVOKE to us!!!

To all of you – we made it happen. Remember, it was not because of a single effort, everyone of you contributed. Today my family and I are celebrating You – Your Courage, Commitment, Teamwork, Resilience and Success.
PS: I you have any link that I have not mentioned please share the link in the comments. Sorry I couldnt add all of your brilliant ideas. 😦

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